K-Groups is our congregation's efforts to grow together as a family through growth groups, help groups and play groups. Our motto is, "Believe, Be loved, Belong."

K -Groups are named after the Greek word, koinonia, which is defined as (1) the Christian fellowship or body of believers and (2) intimate spiritual communion and participative sharing in a common religious commitment and spiritual community.

Our most common types of groups are:

  • Play Groups (recreational fellowship)
  • Growth Groups (spiritual, Bible study)
  • Help Groups (serving, church/community)

Typically, a K-group runs for 4-months - generally, starting and ending around the middle of the month (Jan - Apr, May - Aug, Sep - Dec).  The group could meet as infrequently as monthly or as often as weekly.   

If you have interest in starting a K-group, pick up a form in the church office, so your group may be added to the calendar and announcement pages.

Out to Dinner

Our out-to-dinner group meets on the last Thursday of each month at a local restaurant for food and fellowship.

Open to all by reservation.