To the world, he seemed like a defeated man: opposed and killed by his enemies, his followers scattered in fear. Yet, three days after Jesus’ death, he rose victorious from the dead. Nothing would ever be the same. The rest of eternity is now a victory march for the risen Christ. During Easter, we should not think of ourselves as passive observers in Christ’s victory. We are more than fans cheering for our favorite athlete! Rather, we are active participants in Christ’s triumph. Just as his death was our death, so also his life is our life. Buried with Christ in baptism, our life is now hidden with him on high. The victory is ours, now and forever. Easter is more than a day. It is an entire joyful season. The six solemn weeks of Lent are eclipsed by seven weeks of unbridled joy. These seven weeks correspond to the period of fifty days on the Jewish calendar between Passover and Pentecost. The Church reserves its highest praise for the Easter season. We do not merely watch from the sidelines as Christ marches in victory over sin, death, Satan, and hell. We join in the festal procession!

Casual Atmosphere
Serious Faith

Are you looking for a place where there's serious Bible teaching, but in an
atmosphere that's casual? 

Beautiful Savior is a growing church
community in West Des Moines IA that seeks to glorify God by "Growing in the faith, Gathering together as believers, Going to our neighbors with the gospel!" 


We are OPEN

Sunday Worship 
at 9am

Sunday School
Adult Bible Study 
at 10:15am


President Schroeder and World Missions leaders met Feb 24 with the Bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church, Slavik Horpynchuk. 

Bishop Horpynchuk reports that several congregations in the ULC are located in regions where war has broken out. The pastors are staying connected and working on plans to keep members connected to their Lord and as safe as possible under the circumstances.

Sundays in Bible Class
10 Lies about God

“God just wants me to be happy.” “God helps those who help themselves.” How many times have you heard these sayings in secular culture or from a professing Christian? Despite their catchy, positive appeal, these sayings and others like them have dangerous implications for Christian theology.

In 10 Lies About God, Professor David Scharf explains how these inaccurate beliefs distort your relationship with God and offers loving, Bible-based corrections that you can use in response. The study includes ten lessons to help you respond to false teachings about God and defend what the Bible teaches

This 10-week study begins on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 10:15am.

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WELS Connection - March

This month’s WELS Connection talks about the exciting opportunity to reach more people in London, England, with the gospel. A new missionary will serve current WELS members in London weekly with the Word as well as explore opportunities to minister to the many new immigrant populations in the area.

Beautiful Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran church in West Des Moines, Iowa.