"I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord"  Psalm 122:1

Much of what Jesus has to say to you and me is contained within his parables. Parables are simple little stories that contain profound truths about life and eternity. For the believer, a parable takes a challenging spiritual fact and makes it clear. However, since the parable conveys spiritual truth, for someone without faith, the story remains only that—a story. Therefore, our prayer for this worship series is that Christ would send us his Holy Spirit, so that we might receive the peace and power Jesus offers us in his parables. Tell us a story, Jesus!

 Join us the next four weeks for a new series—Tell Us a Story


Sunday, September 24:  A Story of Perplexing Generosity

Sunday, October 1: A Story of Spiritual Insincerity

Sunday, October 8: A Story of Reckless Patience

Sunday, October 15: A Story of Insane Rejection


Casual Atmosphere
Serious Faith

Are you looking for a place where there's serious Bible teaching, but in an
atmosphere that's casual? 

Beautiful Savior is a growing church
community in West Des Moines IA that seeks to glorify God by "Growing in the faith, Gathering together as believers, Going to our neighbors with the gospel!" 


Sunday Worship 
at 9am

Sunday School
Adult Bible Study 
at 10:15am


Sundays in Bible Class

Our one true hope in a difficult world: 
A study of I Peter

 The apostle Peter wrote this letter to believers who were living in a time of trial and persecution. They were suffering because of their faith. That's why this short letter overflows with encouragements (and a few warnings) because the believers of Peter's day, and all of us, have the hope of an eternity of glory with our God. May our time in Peter's inspired words be a blessing to us as we cling to our one true hope in a difficult world!



Reaching souls with 100 new home missions

Beautiful Savior is part of our synod's goal to open 100 Home Missions in 10 years, receiving an enhancement this year.    On Sunday, August 27, 2023, we installed our new pastor and welcomed his family to West Des Moines.

Learn more about this initiative at https://wels100in10.net/

Beautiful Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran church in West Des Moines, Iowa.