A unique feature of Luke’s Gospel is the section in the middle often called “the travel narrative.” This lengthy section began in chapter 9 when Luke told us that Jesus “resolutely set out for Jerusalem” (v. 51). While there are many events and side trips that occur during this travel narrative, Luke regularly stresses that nothing is going to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem, where he will fulfill his life’s mission. Jesus was very focused.

Jesus’ mission and the purpose of this journey was not to gain an earthly crown. Throughout this travel narrative, Jesus makes clear that this world was not his real home. He teaches that this world is not our real home either. Jesus is focused on heaven. His mission is to get us there by going to Jerusalem and making the ultimate sacrifice to pay for our sin. Nothing would stop him. “He set his face like flint,” Isaiah tells us (50:7). Jesus was focused. 

As we watch the focused actions of our Savior . . . as we focus carefully on his words . . . something wonderful happens. Jesus gives focus to our lives. We finally see things clearly: how to love our neighbor, the true purpose of worship, the blessing of prayer, what is treasure (and what is not). In this series, as Christ speaks to us through his Word, may he make us properly focused.

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President Schroeder and World Missions leaders met Feb 24 with the Bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church, Slavik Horpynchuk. 

Bishop Horpynchuk reports that several congregations in the ULC are located in regions where war has broken out. The pastors are staying connected and working on plans to keep members connected to their Lord and as safe as possible under the circumstances.

Sundays in Bible Class
19 Minute: Bible Study

by  Tim H. Gumm


These 19-Minute Bible Studies serve as a framework for developing a basic understanding of God's Word. Each lesson contains the NIV text, discussion questions and answers, and practical applications

Beginning Sunday, June 26 @ 10:25am, this series will run through the end of September. 


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WELS Connection - July

Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minn., is dedicated to minimizing the college debt of its students so they can focus on lives of service. Learn how we can all be part of helping our next generation of called workers in this way in this month’s WELS Connection.

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