Our services center around the message of God’s free grace to sinful humans. You can expect a message that is Bible-based. Even though we live in a world that is changing day after day, you will hear a message that has stood the test of time. You will leave knowing not only what the Bible says, but also how it applies to you today.

The Worst That Can Happen...

Attending church for the first time can be intimidating.  Many people are worried about some common "what if's":

"What if they make me stand up and say something?"  We won't embarrass you in any way.  We want you to feel comfortable with us.

"What if my baby cries?"  A room, with an intercom, is located down the hall.  You can take your child there, shut the door and return to service when you both are ready.

"What if I feel out of place?"  We hope this information helps and if you have further questions, please ask anyone for help.   Many of our members were once in your position.

"What if I say something wrong?"  All of us have felt this way in a new situation.  We accept you as you are and want to help you become what Christ wants us all to be.

"What if they try to involve me, or sign me up?"  We believe church membership is voluntary and that the most important thing is to trust the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation.  At the same time, people need time to evaluate and decide if they want further involvement.   We respect that need.